3 Little Tiels

I also have three ties who suffer from various deformities.  Wednesday..well she has a split bottom beak.  Basically, it keeps her from cracking the larger seeds but she cracks smaller seeds without a problem.  Cousin IT..this little guy has a splay leg..and yes, in many cases they can be corrected when they are younger.  Unfortunately, it was impossible in IT’s case.  He screamed when it was attempted..in a normal splay…that wouldn’t have happened…and well..then there’s Lurch.  Lurch is super cute…unfortunately, he was born with one leg backwards..and no…he does not walk around in circles.  LOL!  I have been asked that question a few times..so I thought I would put it out there.  All of these babies are amazingly sweet and have learned to work around their disabilities.  On this page, I will discuss some of the things given to them to make their lives a little easier.   The picture below is Wednesday…and yes..she is as sweet as she looks!



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